Acting and line notes from rehearsals will be posted here, as well as other documents relating to the performance aspect of the show. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact Stage Management at 816.590.4190 or Thank you!

Birds Character Plot.xlsx
Link to the Script (via old website)
The Birds of The Birds.pptx (Dramaturgy on Birds)
Birds Script Cuts and Changes (10-11-10).docx
Link to Sound Design Presentation
Birds supplies.docx (Costume pieces that actors need to supply)
Line Notes (10-25 and 10-26).docx
Notes from Doc J (11-1-10).docx

Examples of Persuasive Speakers for Katie
-Albert Petersen in Bye Bye Birdie (see "Healthy, Normal American Boy")
-White Witch in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (see scene with her rallying the troops)
-Maureen's "Over the Moon" from RENT
-Winnifred from Once Upon a Mattress
-Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
-Erin Brockovich
Costume Sketches for the Birds:
vulture.jpg--little stiff through the neck, no movement issues
Trochilus.jpg--cannot land or sit on rear--mini-blinds will cover your buttocks; can sit on a swing or a bar
quail.jpg--no landing on rear, skirt out of magazines
Owl.jpg--no movement issues
Leader_of_the_Chorus.jpg--cannot land on chest/rear, due to styrofoam
flamingo.jpg--no movement issues
Epops.jpg-- no movement issues, tails out of rubber hoses
Cardinal.jpg--cannot land on rear
Nightingale.jpg--no movement issues
hummingbird.jpg--cannot land on rear
Captain_Bird.jpg--no movement issues

Humans will have no issues with movement. Hercules and Neptune will be wearing Greek-style man skirts. No squatting or Capt. Morgan poses. Iris will have a long train and Neptune will have a long cape. The Barbarian Goddess will have a floor length skirt.

Here are some of the dance moves you learned the other night in rehearsal.

Here are the videos from Sunday's (25th) workshop with Matt and Angie.
They have been uploaded to
All you have to do is search your first name and then tarzan swing or zipline.
i.e. Betsy - tarzan swing or Betsy - zipline
If this doesn't work, my youtube name is butsy09 and the videos are under a group called UCM 'The Birds'